Sen. McCaskill: GOP ‘Misleading People’ about ‘Free Market’ ObamaCare

Eric Scheiner | November 20, 2013 | 2:35pm EST
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Sen. Claire McCaskill (AP Photo)

( - Sen. Claire McCaskill (D- Mo.) says Republicans are “misleading people” about ObamaCare, which she calls a “free market solution".

McCaskill told MSNBC viewers on Nov. 14 that ObamaCare, which mandates that people buy only government-approved insurance and has resulted in the cancellations of millions of policies, is a “free market solution”.

“I think we just want people to get the right information, instead of the misinformation that Republicans love to spread about this reform,” McCaskill said. “Scaring people, misleading people, this is a free market solution and we hope people take advantage of it.”

Earlier that same day, McCaskill was discussing the possible changes that could be made to ObamaCare on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program.  She told MSNBC’s economic analyst Steve Rattner about the free market efforts of ObamaCare:

“I think we need to do something to reassure the country that we’re willing to work at this to make it better,” McCaskill said.

“We’re trying to do it free market here. The irony – everybody says ObamaCare is evil - we’re trying to do it free market. And as you know as well, or as better than anybody in the country, for every action in the free market there is a reaction, so we have to be very careful how we do this so we don’t have any unintended consequences.”

Last Thursday, President Obama said people may keep individual plans that haven't already been canceled, or they could buy similar ones if they're available -- even if those plans don't meet the coverage and cost requirements of Obamacare.

Reportedly, 4.8 million insurance cancellation notices have been issued to policyholders whose current plans will be illegal under ObamaCare. More cancellation notifications are expected to be sent out in the coming months.

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