Gore: ‘Energy Release’ Equal to ‘400,000 Hiroshima Atomic Bombs Going Off' Every Day

Penny Starr | June 24, 2013 | 4:02pm EDT
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Former Vice President Al Gore (AP Photo)

(CNSNews.com) - In a Google “Hangout” aired online on June 13, former Vice President and global warming activist Al Gore said “carbon polluters” are expelling enough “extra energy” to equal almost a half million atomic bombs going off every day.

“The total amount of man-made global warming pollution surrounding the planet and the atmosphere today now traps enough extra energy every 24 hours to equal the energy release by 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs going off every single day,” Gore said.

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“Collectively, we put 90 million tons of global warming pollution into the atmosphere every 24 hours,” Gore explained. “Twenty percent of it will still be there 10,000 years from now. It’s adding up.”

Gore also referenced the recent flooding in Germany.

“There’s a 500-year flood going on in Southern Germany today,” Gore said. “We’re seeing these thousand-year, 500-year events occur on a regular basis now,” Gore said.

Gore said urgency was required to combat global warming and urged President Barack Obama to “get moving” on the issue.

As CNSNews.com reported, in an article on global warming, however, posted June 20 on Spiegel Online, German climate scientist Hans von Storch said that the predictions of a warming planet have not panned out so far.

“That hasn't happened,” Storch said. “In fact, the increase over the last 15 years was just 0.06 degrees Celsius (0.11 degrees Fahrenheit) – a value very close to zero,” said Storch, a professor at the Meteorological Institute of the University of Hamburg and director of the Institute for Coastal Research at the Helmholtz Research Centre in Geesthacht, Germany.

In the Spiegel article, the interviewer asked Storch about the flooding in Germany.

“Is global warming the culprit?” Storch was asked.

“I'm not aware of any studies showing that floods happen more often today than in the past,” Storch said. “I also just attended a hydrologists' conference in Koblenz, and none of the scientists there described such a finding.”

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