Hillary-for-President Website Jokes About Bill As First Lady

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:31pm EDT

(CNSNews.com) - A new website says it is using comedy as a political strategy to prepare Americans for their first female president -- Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Launched by supporters of Sen. Hillary Clinton, the new BillForFirstLady.com website features "live-action comedy videos of a cross-dressing Bill Clinton wearing a pink skirt, matching high heels and a pink purse."

The website says its goal is to generate 1 million emails urging Sen. Clinton to run for president in 2008.

"Our campaign style is laugh-out-loud funny -- but Hillary is a serious candidate and this is a serious strategy," said Luke Montgomery, one of the Clinton supporters behind the Internet campaign.

"BillForFirstLady.com is here to beat Republicans to the punch -- and the punch line -- by making the inevitable 'Bill as first lady' jokes old before they can hurt during the election."

Montgomery said cross-dressing humor crosses party lines, "and we're here to tickle the red states pink."

He said it's best to joke about a man as 'first lady,' so voters will be used to the idea by 2008.

"The Republican ridicule machine is geared up to go after Bill -- we're disarming them and laughing with Bill, not at him," said Montgomery.

Montgomery, an animal "rights" activist who legally (and temporarily) changed his name to Luke Sissyfag years ago, made headlines in 1993 for heckling President Bill Clinton at Georgetown University, where Clinton was giving a speech to mark World AIDS Day. He wanted Clinton to commit more money to AIDS research.

But Montgomery's new website says a lot has changed since the early 1990's - and Montgomery, "once a clear critic of the Clintons...has grown-up and is now one of their biggest supporters."

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