Iran’s New Drone Can Be Used to Carry Bombs, Top Commander Says

By Patrick Burke | October 15, 2012 | 11:49am EDT

Iranian bomber drone. (AP photo/FARS)

( - Iran has unveiled a new drone (“Hazem”) aircraft with bombing capability, which was designed by air defense experts for “appropriate” military missions.

According to state-run news reports out of Tehran, the new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) will be produced in short-range, medium- and long-range versions. Although it is not able to carry missiles, the new drone can take on explosives.

“The ‘Hazem’ [“Cautious” in Persian] drone was covertly designed for the base by air defense experts in short, medium and long range models,” Farzad Esma’ili, commander of the Khatam ol-Anbia air defense base, told the state-run Fars News Agency on Sunday.

“This drone can be used for targeting, reconnaissance missions, and if necessary, as an airborne carrier,” he said.

Iran produced its first unmanned drone called “Karrar,” in August 2010 -- capable of carrying rockets and going on bombing missions.

On Sunday, Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said he supported the right of the Iran-backed Hezbollah to send drones into Israeli airspace.

Hezbollah, the terrorist group and political party, which is based in Lebanon, took responsibility for launching a drone into Israeli airspace last Thursday, which was later shot down.

“Given the Zionist regime's repeated violation of the Lebanese airspace, we believe that Hezbollah's drone flight over the occupied lands (Israel) was its natural right,” said Vahidi.

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