Huelskamp: Final Goal of Gay ‘Marriage’ is to Destroy the Institution of Marriage

Lauretta Brown | June 20, 2014 | 2:52pm EDT
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Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kansas). (Facebook)

( – Congressional Representative Tim Huelskamp (R-Kansas) said he agreed that the ultimate goal of homosexual “marriage” is to destroy the institution of marriage altogether by diminishing it to whatever type of contract people sign on to and, at the same time, denying the natural right of children to be raised by a mother and a father.

Huelskamp also said the gay “marriage” issue is no longer one of just “tolerance” for same-sex couples, but enforcement by the government to make all Americans, regardless of their religious or moral beliefs, accept gay “marriage” and gay adoption.

“There’s one man in the White House and his attorney general that are doing everything they can to undermine the traditional definition of marriage,” said the congressman.

Huelskamp made his remarks in an interview with at the “March for Marriage” on Thursday, June 19, the second annual march led by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) in defense of marriage between one man and one woman.  A rally and then the march began in front of the Capitol and then ended in front of the Supreme Court.

The march’s purpose, said NOM, was to send “a clear message to every level of society that a majority of Americans still stand for marriage as it has been traditionally and historically defined and handed down through the centuries.”

After he spoke to the crowd at the rally, asked Huelskamp, “Some people argue that the ultimate goal of gay marriage is to destroy the institution of marriage altogether and make it into whatever contract people desire. Do you think that’s the goal, to destroy the institution of marriage and of [the] family?”

(AP Photo)

Huelskamp said, “I think it is, and to define marriage to mean anything means it’s relegated to nothing, and that’s what we’re seeing here today. So, if it’s just two women today or two men -- it’s now a triple, it’s a couple, two or three people -- that is a way to redefine it.”

“At the end of the day, it has to be between a man and a woman and for a number of reasons but, most importantly, for our children,” he said. “Decades of social science research has made it abundantly clear every child deserves a mom and a dad and that’s what we need to focus on: what is best for our children not what is being demanded by adults, what is best for our little ones.” then asked the congressman, “Every child deserves a mom and a dad so, if that’s true, doesn’t that mean gay couples shouldn’t be allowed to adopt children?”

“Well that’s a decision that states have made in particular,” Huelskamp said. “What is most disturbing is that the Catholic Church has been deeply involved in adoption for so many years and certain states, certain locales have been forbidden to continue the charity work unless they agree with the [Obama] administration.”

“That’s a violation of the First Amendment,” said Huelskamp.  “Hopefully the court will take that up.”

“It’s not about tolerance anymore, it’s about forcing one’s view upon the rest of America,” he said.  “So for those Americans that say they I support traditional marriage that’s not an impact on me: It is with this administration with policy after policy, which says you either agree with us or you’re going to be punished by the Obama administration.”

A homosexual couple and their adopted daughter. (AP) also asked Huelskamp, “Does homosexual marriage undermine the First Amendment and free exercise of religion and, if so, how?”

He said, “Well, what we see happening with this government and with this administration is an attempt to impose their views on all of America, so 50 million voters across this country said they support traditional marriage.”

“There’s one man in the White House and his attorney general that are doing everything they can to undermine the traditional definition of marriage, which is why I’ve introduced a marriage protection amendment, to define it, to make certain that no attorney general or no president can impose their radical view on the rest of America,” said the congressman.

In his remarks to the thousands of attendees at the rally, Huelskamp said,  “Those who seek to destroy marriage by redefining it to mean anything and thus mean nothing are hard at work,” and “until we get off the sidelines, until we engage and demand every member of Congress stand for marriage, stand for family, stand for our children, they will not engage on our side.”

He closed with “a message to every man in America,” saying “your children need you, your woman, your wife needs you. It’s time that you become a real man and stand up for those who need you…Be a real man of God because this is about you, marriage is about you and your wife and your children.”

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