Muslim Activist at Anti-Trump Rally: Trump ‘Wants the Extermination of Muslims Globally’

Lauretta Brown | January 23, 2017 | 2:43pm EST
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Muslim activist Darakshan Raja.

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( – Darakshan Raja, co-founder of the Muslim American Women's Policy Forum and formerly a researcher at the Urban Institute, said at a rally on inauguration day that President Trump “made a lot of Islamophobic comments in his inauguration. He said he wants the extermination of radical Islam. What that basically means is he wants the extermination of Muslims globally.”

Raja was reacting to President Trump’s inaugural address in which he said that he will “unite the civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate completely from the face of the Earth.”

Speaking at an Occupy Inauguration anti-Trump rally at McPherson Square near the White House, Raja asked the crowd, “Are you going to show up when those registries happen? Are you going to continue to show up and carry the fact that under Obama every single year over 20,000 bombs have been dropped in Muslim majority countries with the majority of victims being Muslim women?”

“Will you make sure that you don’t continue to force us Muslim women to have to pick our American identity and completely ruin us and destroy, and take us apart from our transnational sisters who are actually the ones suffering from U.S. imperialism and bombs while we suffer domestically?” Raja asked.

“It is important that you just don’t care about our lives only because you see us as American.”

Raja also scolded some in the crowd for signs portraying a Muslim woman in an American flag hijab that said, “We the people are greater than fear.”

Radical Islamic terrorists, members of ISIS, prepare to execute by beheading Coptic Christian 

men. (Screenshot YouTube) 


“Now I look around and I see a lot of this imagery of we the people and there’s a Muslim woman in a hijab that is in it,” she said. “I want you all though to be critical a little bit because to say we the people and to use a Muslim woman’s body in the hijab to show somehow that we are progressive is exploitation of Muslim women’s bodies. Are you going to show up when those registries happen?”

Other speakers at the afternoon rally included left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore and representatives of the Black Lives Matter and Indigenous Environmental Network groups.

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