Sen. Rand Paul: Senate Will ‘Vote Immediately on Defunding Planned Parenthood’

Lauretta Brown | July 28, 2015 | 6:29pm EDT
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Sen. Rand Paul (AP Photo)

( – Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) would not say Tuesday whether Congress should put language prohibiting funding of Planned Parenthood in the funding resolution that must pass by Sept. 30. Instead Paul said “first things first” the Senate must vote “immediately on defunding Planned Parenthood” before Congress goes into recess.

“I think first things first what we’re going to do right now is vote immediately on defunding Planned Parenthood. There will be a separate bill just to defund Planned Parenthood,” Paul replied, referencing his work on a deal to get a vote on legislation to defund Planned Parenthood prior to the Senate’s August recess.

During a rally calling to defund Planned Parenthood just outside Capitol Hill Tuesday, asked Paul: “Should the Republican congressional leadership include language prohibiting federal funding of Planned Parenthood in the CR (continuing resolution) they must pass by September 30th?”

If Congress included language in the law funding HHS, or in a continuing resolution (CR) funding numerous government agencies, that prohibited federal funding from going to Planned Parenthood, the administration could not give federal funds to Planned Parenthood. 

Calls to defund Planned Parenthood have grown in light of the recent videos released by the Center for Medical Progress, which appear to show Planned Parenthood officials negotiating over the transfer of tissue and organs from aborted babies.

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