Mark Levin's 'Ameritopia' Debuts at No. 1 on New York Times Best Sellers List

By Susan Jones | January 26, 2012 | 7:16am EST

(Photo from Mark Levin's Web site)

( - Mark Levin's new book "Ameritopia" will debut at number one on the New York Times Best Seller list--in four different nonfiction categories, including hardcovers only, hardcovers and paperbacks combined, E-books, and E-books and print books comined.

"We will debut number one on all four lists," Levin said Wednesday.

Levin is one of three right-of-center authors in the top five of the hardcover nonfiction list that will be published in the Feb. 5 edition of the New York Times Book Review. The others are Bill O'Reilly ("Killing Lincoln") and Tim Tebow ("Through My Eyes"). Glenn Beck's "Being George Washington" also made the list.

On his Wednesday radio program, Levin gave credit to his audience: "You have done this. You are extremely interested in what's going on. When I wrote this book, some people said 'You know what, this book is too complicated, it's too philosophical, it's too deep.' And I said, you don't know what people want. You don't know that people are looking for answers. You don't know that people are ready to dig more deeply.

"And they are. And you are. We need answers, we need solutions, we need to inform ourselves," Levin continued. "We can't rely on a bureaucrat or a bureaucracy or temporary politicians. They're the ones who have put us into this position. And you -- you want to know more. And you're not prepared just to go along."

Levin said his objective in writing the book is to "reinvigorate" the conservative movement and the tea party at the grassroots level: "This is my goal, this is my hope -- to show absolute respect for the intelligence of this audience, and to embrace you and your concerns."

Levin says "Ameritopia" has resuscitated the word "utopianism," which he describes as a force that that motivates "big government types" and "devours us." He said he expects the word to be used more frequently on talk radio and by cable TV commentators and other opinion-shapers:

"This is important, this is exactly what we want. We want this to become commonly understood. This is the parlance that we want," Levin told his listeners on Wednesday's show.

"I'm not doing this with my books -- you're doing this because you understand it. And that's the goal here. We don't get all this in public school we don't get all this in our colleges and universities anymore. We have to educate ourselves."

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