McAuliffe Sorry He Loaned Money To Clintons

Jim Burns | July 7, 2008 | 8:24pm EDT
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( - Terry McAuliffe, a top Democratic party fund raiser and the man said to be the power behind the Clinton White House coffees during the 1996 campaign, now thinks it was a bad idea to lend the Clintons over one million dollars to help them buy a house in Chappaqua, New York.

McAuliffe said he also does not expect to play any role in helping the Clintons buy the house. He said he expects the President and Mrs. Clinton to do the deal for the $1.7 million house "without any guarantees, which is what they should have done in the first place."

The DNC fundraiser went on to say, " I am best friends with the first family, I will do anything I can to help the first family." However, McAuliffe hinted the Clinton lawyers could and should have done the deal without a loan guarantee.

The Clintons are expected to close the deal on their new house on November 1st.

While campaign in Harlem, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton refused to answer reporters questions about changes in financing her house. She would only say, " I look forward to moving into my house." She also refused to answer a reporters question about the purchase of the house that she needs to establish a New York state residency for her likely Senate bid.

The McAuliffe loan also attracted attention from ethics experts and Republicans because he is a potential witness in a federal Teamsters corruption trial that is expected to begin in New York within two weeks.

Meanwhile, a foreign policy demonstration is planned at the house in Chappaqua on Wednesday. The Westchester People's Action Coalition hopes demonstrating there will send a message to Clinton to act more forcefully against Indonesia for what the coalition calls, is its alleged complicity in the massacres taking place in East Timor.

The demonstration is expected to be held even though the Clinton have not finalized the deal on the house. It still belongs to Jeffrey and Cheryl Weisberg and their family.
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