EPA Administrator: ‘Get on Board’ Climate Change Train or ‘Be Left Behind’

Melanie Arter | November 22, 2016 | 2:36pm EST
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EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy (AP Photo)

(CNSNews.com) – Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy said Monday during a speech at the National Press Club that “the train to a global clean energy future" has already left the station” and that the U.S. can get on board and provide leadership or get left behind.

“Science tells us that there is no bigger threat to American progress and prosperity than the threat of global climate change, and if you take absolutely nothing else from my speech today, take this: the train to a global clean energy future has already left the station. So we have a choice: we can choose to get on board and to actually provide leadership or we can choose to be left behind, to stand stubbornly still,” she said.


“People expect us to do our jobs using the best science and research to define not only the challenges, but the solutions. People expect us to understand and use change as a catalyst for growth and prosperity,” McCarthy said.

“If we do not, if we place rancor over action, if we betray the people who put us here, if we stubbornly deny the science and the change that is happening around us, we will fall victim to our own paralysis,” she said.

McCarthy extolled President Barack Obama’s leadership on the issue, saying he “chose leadership.”

“When presented with that choice, President Obama chose leadership. He chose action. He chose a calculated investment in our collective future. President Obama recognizes that the inevitability of our clean energy future is bigger than any one person or any one nation,” she said.

“The facts today paint a very clear picture: climate change is among the most significant public health, economic, and security challenges that we have ever faced as a nation or as a world,” McCarthy said.

“And under his administration with an economic recession the likes of which we have never seen since 1930s, he had the foresight to invest in solar and wind and clean energy and clean auto manufacturing, to set a course for strong domestic action, positioning the U.S. to actually lead the way to securing a historic international agreement, and he was right. The Paris agreement was negotiated, and it is now in full force,” she said.

McCarthy said her agency would “continue to be essential to cutting carbon pollution in the United States and making good on our global leadership.”

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