Rep. Brady on Voting for Budget Deal: I Didn’t Want to 'Distract' from Obamacare

By Melanie Arter | December 13, 2013 | 11:55am EST

Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) (AP File Photo)

( - Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas), chairman of the Joint Economic Committee, said he voted for the budget deal on Thursday, because he did not want to "distract" from “the biggest budget buster” – Obamacare.

“One, I think the biggest budget buster we’ve got right now is the new Affordable Care Act. I thought it was important that we not distract from a very destructive bill,” Brady said on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” on Friday when asked why he supported the agreement.

The budget deal, which cleared the House by a vote of 332 to 94 with 169 Republicans voting for it, raises federal spending beyond the $967 billion limit set by the Budget Control Act of 2011.

The deal also does away with $63 billion in scheduled spending cuts over the next two years and replaces them with longer-term savings over 10 years, most of which won’t accumulate until 2022-23, the Associated Press reported. Deficits would increase by $23.2 billion in 2014 and by $18.2 billion in 2015.

“Secondly, the sequester. I wanted to preserve it, but I wanted to redesign it, especially on the defense side, and they achieved that – preserving 90 percent, over 90 percent of the sequester itself, but providing relief for military, which I think was very important,” Brady said.

“Any time we get a chance to reduce the deficit, even $23 billion, my card votes yes,” Brady added.

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