Wayne Brady: ‘The Young Black Man Is Becoming an Endangered Species’

Melanie Arter | February 19, 2014 | 1:00pm EST
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Emmy award-winning actor and comedian Wayne Brady (AP Photo)

(CNSNews.com) – When asked about his reaction to the Michael Dunn verdict during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Wednesday, Emmy award-winning actor and comedian Wayne Brady said that “the young black man is becoming an endangered species.”

“I am happy that justice was served to a degree, but what I was saying is not necessarily that the Stand Your Ground came into play in this case, but in general and with Trayvon Martin, with certain things that have happened in my home state of Florida, it does appear to me that the young black man is becoming an endangered species,” Brady said about the Michael Dunn verdict.

Dunn, a 47-year-old white man in Jacksonville, Fla., was charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old Jordan Davis, a black teen, after Dunn fired 10 shots at Davis and three friends in their vehicle during an argument over loud rap music. The jury deadlocked on the murder charge and convicted Dunn on three counts of attempted murder, which carry a minimum of 20 years per count.

The defense did not invoke the Stand Your Ground law in the case, but Dunn claimed self-defense, testifying that he saw Davis pick up what appeared to be a shotgun from the rear passenger seat, opened the door and said, “‘This (expletive)’s going down now!’” Police did not find a weapon in the SUV, but Dunn’s attorney argued that the teens got rid of the weapon when they fled to a nearby parking lot and police did not immediately search the area.

“I’m saying there are certain people who will fall back on this law as an excuse,” Brady said.

“That puts this fear in me that people are going to start using that as an example. It’s too open-ended, that there’s too much interpretation that one person could say, ‘Oh, yeah. I felt threatened, so I shot him,’ and in this case, he didn’t necessarily quote this law, but you felt so threatened that you shot 10 times?” he added.

“I don’t like it when someone plays their music loud – rap or otherwise – next to me, but it’s America. You’re in your car, and I’m in mine, so I’ll just turn mine up to drown you out or guess what – I’ll drive around the corner,” Brady said. “It’s not worth taking that extra step.”

Host Joe Scarborough said if a black man had shot into a car full of white teens and killed one of them, the man would be convicted.

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