California Tops List of 10 States With Highest Taxes

Michael W. Chapman | April 28, 2014 | 1:04pm EDT
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U.S. currency. (AP Photo)

( – The Tax Foundation has ranked the states by their state income tax rates and among the highest are California, Hawaii, and Oregon.

On a U.S. map, the Tax Foundation shows that the following 10 states (and counting the District of Columbia) have the highest individual income tax rates in 2014:

California, 13.3%

Hawaii, 11.0%

Oregon, 9.9%

Minnesota, 9.85%

Iowa, 8.98%

New Jersey, 8.97%

District of Columbia, 8.95%

Vermont, 8.95%

New York, 8.82%

Maine, 7.95%

(Image courtesy of the Tax Foundation,

Among those states, seven are headed by Democrat governors (and one Democrat mayor for D.C.)  – California, Oregon, Minnesota, Hawaii, District of Columbia, Vermont, and New York  – and three are headed by Republican governors -- Iowa, New Jersey and Maine.

Seven states – Florida, Texas, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nevada, Washington and Alaska – have no state individual income taxes.

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