Duck Dynasty’s Missy: We Were Virgins Until Marriage – No Baggage, No Diseases, and God Recommended It

By Michael W. Chapman | July 21, 2014 | 3:56pm EDT

Missy Robertson and Jase Robertson. (A&E)

( Dynasty’s Missy Robertson said she “definitely recommends” chastity before marriage and added that she and her husband, Jase Robertson, maintained their virginity until their wedding night and, in this way, they “have no baggage, we have no diseases,” and “God recommended” such self-discipline for couples “many, many moons ago.”

Missy Robertson also said the highly popular Duck Dynasty television program was an opportunity that God provided to the Robertson family to spread a pro-family, pro-Christian message – “a way for us to get that message out” – stressing that the family hopes “to appeal to people, so they can want to learn more about this Jesus, who is this character, and why our family works, why are we not broken apart?”

At a Capitol Hill event to raise awareness about children born with cleft palates and lips – a condition the Robertson’s daughter, Mia, was born with –, in an exclusive interview,  asked Missy Robertson, “In your husband’s book, Good Call,  he talks about your courtship and how the both of you maintained your virginity before you were married. And I wanted to know if you would recommend that for all young couples and, if so, what specific advice or counsel could you give to young folks today who are considering getting married and are trying to stay chaste before marriage?”

Missy Robertson said, “Well, I would definitely recommend it, although it’s not easy. It was very difficult. We dated for almost three years. But, you know, God had this plan before we were ever born. So, if you trust God with all your heart, soul, and mind, He’s not going to do you wrong. And so, we tried. We’re not perfect, and we tried very hard to do that, and that’s one thing we did accomplish and we waited until our wedding night. “

“We have no memories of anyone else, in our past; we have no baggage; we have no diseases that we have to take care of,” she said.  “So, yes, I would definitely recommend it. God recommended it many, many, many moons ago. It just works out that way.”

Jase Robertson and his daughter, Mia Robertson. (A&E)

Missy Robertson continued, “Jase said, his buddies would make fun of him, when we were dating, they’d say, ‘How are you going to know what to do?’ He says now, ‘Look, I’ve got three kids, I figured it out.’  So, it’s not rocket science.”

“Would I recommend it, yes,” she said.  “I recommend it to my own children, and, so far, they have also. It’s a big goal but it’s very attainable.”

Asked whether maintaining virginity during her courtship strengthened their marriage, Missy Robertson said, “Oh, no doubt about it, no doubt, definitely. We built it on a spiritual foundation and we’ve both been married for 23, almost 24 years. So, I wouldn’t regret any of it.”

Jase Robertson is the second oldest son of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson and the author of Good Call: Reflections on Faith, Family, and Fowl.  He and his wife, Missy, have three children: Reed, Cole and Mia.  The 10-year-old Mia has undergone several corrective surgeries for her cleft palate and lip, and her parents launched the Mia Moo Fund this year to raise awareness and funds to help advance  medical research for the condition. also asked Missy Robertson, “In the book [Good Call], your husband talks about how he believes that the opportunities given to the Robertson family, and the show as well – he says it’s a means to help spread a pro-Christian, pro-family message. Do you believe that, that God gave you this opportunity, to do that?

Missy Robertson said, “Yes, 100%.  We didn’t go out looking for this. It came to us. It dropped in our lap, basically, and we had to make a decision. We’ve seen a lot more reality shows on television that have torn families apart, and we had to make a decision if we wanted to do this or not.”

Several Duck Dynasty cast members, l-r, Phil Robertson, Jase Robertson, Si Robertson and Willie Robertson. (A&E)

“We even had a list of pros and cons,” she remarked, “and we said, you know what, we’re going to stick together, no matter what – and we’re going to show who we are.  We didn’t change and become someone that you see now. We’re the same people that we were before. Now we’re just more well known.”

She continued,  “Our faith has always been out there, and loud and proud. But now, more people are hearing about it. Is that a coincidence? No doubt in my mind that God put us in this position. I always hope that we are fulfilling that for Him and He is pleased with us, because He gives, He can take away.”

Given the popularity of Duck Dynasty – it reportedly is the highest rated reality-TV show in cable history – asked Missy Robertson if she believes there is a “strong yearning in America” for that particular type of programming and the Christian, pro-family message it promotes.

Jase and Missy Robertson and their children, Reed, Mia, and Cole. (Pinterest)

“Obviously, I would say, because of the popularity of the show, yes – the answer to that is a simple, yes, because we hear it everywhere we go,” she said. “That the prayer at the end of the show, who would have thought that a simple prayer would have had that big of an impact on the world?  And, years, ago, you didn’t leave the table without saying a blessing.”

“We feel like this is a way for us to get that message out,” said Missy Robertson. “And we’re not going to shove it down anybody’s throats. God is gonna’ be the judge of all people, not us. We just want to be able to appeal to people, so they can want to learn more about this Jesus, who is this character, and why our family works, why are we not broken apart?”

She continued, “Why are we not pushing people, putting people down and throwing people under the bus, as they say? But just supporting, and laughing too, and having fun, just being a normal American family, who has very high priorities and goals for their lives.”

Duck Dynasty is in its sixth season and reportedly is viewed by an average 10.5 million viewers per episode.  At the end of each show, the family gathers at the dinner table and says a prayer of thanksgiving to God.

Video-cameraman Craig Millward and reporter Lauretta Brown contributed to this report.

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