Gay Activist: ‘Abortion Should Be Mandatory for About 30 Years’

By Michael W. Chapman | November 6, 2013 | 2:07pm EST

Dan Savage, right, and his "husband" Terry Miller. (AP Photo).

( – Author, columnist, and homosexual activist Dan Savage said the idea that would change the world for the better if implemented is “population control,” and toward that end said “abortion should be mandatory.”

Savage made his comment while on a panel for the Australian show “Q&A, Adventures in Democracy,” which was broadcast from the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall on Monday, Nov. 4.  Other panelists included conservative Peter Hitchens, feminist Germaine Greer, and writer Hanna Rosin.

Throughout the show, the panelists answered questions from the audience on topics such as the collapse of Western civilization, marriage, children, and casual sex. Near the program’s end, a woman from the audience asked, “Which so-called dangerous idea do you each think would have the greatest potential to change the world for the better if it were implemented?”

Savage said, “Population control. There's too many god----  people on the planet! And I don't know if that’s a – you know, I'm pro-choice. I believe that women should have the right to control their bodies. Sometimes in my darker moments I’m anti-choice.”

“I think abortion should be mandatory for about 30 years,” he said.  “That’s a dangerous idea. She wanted a dangerous idea. So throw a chair at me.”

Author and journalist Peter Hitchens, brother of the late writer and commentator Christopher Hitchens. (AP)

For his part, conservative Peter Hitchens answered, “The most dangerous idea in human history and philosophy remains the belief that Jesus Christ was the son of God and rose from the dead and that is the most dangerous idea you will ever encounter.”

Asked by moderator Tony Jones why that idea is dangerous, Hitchens said, “Because it alters the whole of human behavior and all our responsibilities. It turns the universe from a meaningless chaos into a designed place in which there is justice and there is hope and, therefore, we all have a duty to discover the nature of that justice and work towards that hope. It alters us all. If we reject It, it alters us all as well. It is incredibly dangerous. It's why so many people turn against it.”

Dan Savage often speaks on college campuses and on television as a liberal commentator. He often makes controversial remarks, such as saying that Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, in opposing homosexual behavior, contributes to gay suicide.

On Sept. 27, 2012, Savage told a student audience at Winona State University, “[E]very dead gay kid is a victory for the Family Research Council. They argue that the gay lifestyle is sick and sinful and dangerous and they point to the suicide rate, and then they turn around and do everything in their power to make sure that suicide rate does not come down and to drive it up.”

“Tony Perkins sits on a pile of dead gay kids every day when he goes to work -- and he calls himself a Christian,” said Savage.  “I don’t understand how real Christians let that little f--ker get away with that.”

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