Michelle Obama 'Guest Editor' for Website Featuring Sex Tips--Including from Prostitutes

Penny Starr | August 22, 2012 | 7:11am EDT
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(CNSNews.com) – First Lady Michelle Obama this week is serving as guest editor for iVillage.com, NBC’s “community of online women” that offers sexually explicit material, including graphic sex tips from prostitutes, “20  kinky things you SO can do,” and a list of “naughty” apps for mobile devices.

A screen from iVillage, which is featuring First Lady Michelle Obama as a guest editor this week.

Michelle Obama is identified as a “Guest Editor” on all of the website’s pages, including several titled “Love & Sex.”  Video clips of iVillage interviews with Mrs. Obama appear on some of those sexually-oriented pages, although the first lady herself does not discuss sex.

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One of iVillage's “Love & Sex” pages includes includes advice on sex positions, complete with illustrations and detailed explanations on “how to do it” and “why you’ll love it.” A separate quiz allows visitors to find out “What Kind of Lover Are You?”

A second “Love and Sex” tab includes “Sex Tips From the Bunny Ranch Girls” (the Bunny Ranch is a legal brothel in Nevada)  and a quiz where you can “Test Your Sex Terms Knowledge.”

A screen from iVillage, where First Lady Michelle Obama is currently a guest editor.

The website includes articles on how an iPhone “can revolutionize your sex moves,” and there’s also a guide on “the top 10 secret places to hook up” at Disney World --“and how much time you'd have before you risk getting caught.”

Sprinkled throughout the website are “tips of the day” from Michelle Obama. For example, the July 20 page -- which tells readers, “Go Ahead. Choose a Booty” -- includes a video clip of “Guest Editor Michelle Obama” discussing “overscheduled kids.”

Each day this week (Aug. 20-24), the iVillage home page features a video interview with Michelle Obama, in which she discusses various topics, including fitness, healthy eating and parenting – and her husband’s struggle to stop smoking.

In one of the iVillage clips, played Tuesday on "NBC Nightly News," Mrs. Obama tells iVillage's chief correspondent Kelly Wallace about speaking frankly with her daughters Malia and Sasha about everything:

“We discuss all the time -- we talk about drugs, we talk about sex, we talk about smoking -- we talk about it all.  We've had all the talks there are to have," Mrs. Obama said.

She added that when her children ask questions -- "our reaction -- how open and how comfortable we are with the topic -- really affects their willingness to share."

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