Michigan Taxpayers Spend $928,677,050 Per Year on Illegal Aliens

Elizabeth Harrington | October 31, 2012 | 1:41pm EDT
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Michigan Rep. Dave Agema (R-74th, Grandville).

(CNSNews.com) – Michigan is spending nearly $1 billion a year on illegal immigrants, according to state lawmaker Dave Agema, which amounts to about $8,075 for each taxpayer in that state.

Michigan Rep. Agema, who represents the 74th district, Grandville, wrote a letter to the editor of Michigan Live explaining that the added costs of providing health care, education, welfare, jails, and human services for illegal immigrants is nearly $1 billion per year.

Agema cited the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) 2010 study, “The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on U.S. Taxpayers,” which found that an estimated 115,000 illegal aliens cost the state and local governments of Michigan $928,677,050.

The study uses estimates for illegal immigrant populations against government data on expenditures for various programs, state by state.  Nationwide, the impact of illegal immigration costs $113 billion, in combined federal and state spending, according to FAIR.

In Michigan, FAIR found that K-12 education takes the largest share for spending on illegal immigrants, with $314.1 million.  Other spending (state and local) includes: General ($225.3 million); Welfare ($142.6 million); Justice ($66 million); Limited English Proficiency (LEP) education ($63.2 million); Medicaid ($62.4 million); and SCHIP ($25.2 million).

“I have witnessed through my business experience as a consultant for a tool and die business the effect illegal immigration has on the cost of doing business at a state level,” Agema writes to describe his position on illegal immigration on his website.

“This burden reduces profitability, lowers pay, and decreases benefits for existing employees who are either American citizens or documented workers,” he said.

According to FAIR’s estimates, the cost for each illegal immigrant to the Michigan taxpayer amounts to $8,075.

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