On Monday Night Football, RG3 Does Own Version of the Tebow

Susan Jones | December 4, 2012 | 7:29am EST
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Redskins QB Robert Griffin III thanks God publicly on the football field after key plays. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

(CNSNews.com) - After Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III made an 8-yard, game-winning touchdown pass to Pierre Garcon in the fourth quarter of the Monday Night Football game, he conspicuously thanked God--kneeling, making the sign of the cross, and pointing to the sky in a public display of devotion.

ESPN showed the moment live, then replayed it twice from different angles, but made no comment about it.

RG3 had made the same gesture earlier in the game after the Redskins scored their first touchdown--as the result of a fumble Griffin made that was fortuitously picked up on the fly by a teammate Joshua Morgan who carried it into the endzone.

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Earlier this season, when RG3 threw his first professional touchdown pass he also made the sign of the cross and pointed toward heaven. But despite his public displays of devotion on the football field, RG3 has not been mocked--as fellow NFL quarterback Tim Tebow has--for professing his faith.

During his time with the Florida Gators and Denver Broncos, Tebow was loved by some and reviled by others for taking a knee and bowing his head--a practice that became known as "Tebowing." Tebow also was known for painting John 3:16, his favorite Bible verse, in black under his eyes; and he thanked "my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ" after each game.

On Easter Sunday 2012 at a church in Georgetown, Texas, Tebow told a crowd of 15,000, "It's okay to be outspoken about your faith."

He also talked about Tebowing: "I really don't think I was the first athlete to get on a knee and pray, and it's funny because I've actually had the same routine for the last seven years and just this year they started calling it Tebowing," he said. "I do think it's pretty cool because at least prayer is being talked about.

"My biggest prayer is for a high school kid to get on a knee and pray, and it's not something that's unique or different."

In September, GQ magazine asked RG3, the new Redskins QB, if he worries about concussions.

"I don't think about it," the magazine quoted him as saying. "I know God's gonna protect me and have his angels watching over me no matter what I do. But one thing I've never done, and don't plan on starting to do, is play scared. If you're afraid to get a concussion, you're probably gonna get a concussion."

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