Palin: Obama Is 'Underestimating the Wisdom of Women'

Susan Jones | February 15, 2012 | 10:08am EST
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( - Both Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin appeared on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning, but not together.

The former governors, in separate interviews, had a little to say about each other, but more to say about President Obama.

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Palin, asked to weigh in on the Obama administration's contraception mandate, said Obama is "underestimating the wisdom of women. Because women understand there is access to preventative care and contraception out there, and we don't need government to tell our employers that they must provide that for us.

"No, he (Obama) has underestimated the wisdom of the people again," she added.

Palin said Obama may end up caving on the religious freedom issue, "but of course he'll be able to spin much of it" with a complicit media.

She also said the issue is not contraception, as many Democrats claim: "Truly, it is a war on our religious liberties and that violation of conscience that he would mandate that is un-American because it violates our First Amendment in our Constitution."

In the same interview, Palin was asked if Mitt Romney is conservative enough to be the Republican Party's presidential nominee:

"That's subjective," she said, adding that "a lot of it has to do with somebody's past: Were they pro-abortion before and now perhaps they're pro-life, and what allowed that switch?"

Palin said Romney has some "articulate explanations" as to why he has changed his positions. "He has said that as he's grown older, he's become more conservative. That's a good sign," she added.

Romney, asked to comment on Palin's recent suggestion that he may not be conservative enough, said he's not sure what she meant. He then launched into a list of his conservative credentials.

Romney agreed that his positions have changed over time: "I think living life tends to make you more conservative. And if you've been in the business world, you can't help but be conservative because if you don't balance your budget in business, you go out of business."

Romney criticized President Obama for trying to "divide Americans" with his comments about "fair share" taxes.

Romney says he would try to balance the budget by cutting spending, not by raising taxes.

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