Benham Brothers on Oregon Shooting: Satan and Demons Manifesting Themselves in Our Nation

By Penny Starr | October 5, 2015 | 2:23pm EDT
David and Jason Benham (AP Photo)

( – In a video posted on their Facebook page on Friday, twin brothers and celebrity real estate moguls David and Jason Benham said the murder of nine people at a community college in Oregon isn’t about guns or mental health but rather evil that comes from “Satan himself and demons manifesting themselves in our nation.

“This is what true evil looks like, and what we want to encourage those that are grieving today is that there is hope in the resurrection,” David Benham said in the video. “This is just Satan himself and demons manifesting themselves in our nation.”

David said that blaming guns or the National Rifle Association or mental illness is a “secular humanist worldview that doesn’t address the real problem facing our nation."

“We have a spiritual, moral problem in this nation,” David Benham said, noting that the shooter was “bent on evil” and citing scripture to explain our moral dilemma.

“In Genesis 6:11, the Bible says now the Earth was corrupt in the sight of God and violence filled the Earth,” he said. “That word for corrupt literally means moral decay, depravity – to turn from moral boundaries.

“And what happens is when we are morally corrupt in America or as a nation, violence will fill the void, and the answer is not found in trying to get mental healing,” David Benham said. “The answer is not found by trying to get gun control on the books.

“The answer is only found in Jesus,” David Benham said, noting that we should, as a nation, “look to God.”

Jason Benham said confronting evil is not a law enforcement issue.

“There is no police force big enough to make a man do what’s right ... and there is no amount of legislation that's going to force people to do what’s right if evil is already set in their heart,” he said in the video.

“But there’s a God who’s big enough,” Jason Benham said. “If we turn to him and give him our hearts, then he can change the entire landscape."

He also said outlawing guns won’t solve the problem of these kinds of tragedies.

“If my son goes up and hits my daughter with a broomstick, I don’t go outlaw broomsticks in my house,” David Benham said. “What I do is talk to my son about the evil that’s in his heart that’s causing him to use something that can be used for good and he’ll use it for evil.

“So the problem is the evil that's in the heart,” Jason Benham said, “but God is here. He can set us free through his son Jesus Christ.”

He said it’s up to families to turn to the Bible for answers.

“So we encourage every one of you that’s watching this video,” Jason Benham said. “Get your families together. Describe to them exactly what happened – the evil that took place in the heart of this young man, and how that evil can take place in all of us, because we are all sinners, and get together and recommit your family to following the principles of the Bible.”

“It’s the truth that sets us free,” he said. “There is hope, and it’s only found in Jesus Christ.”

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