Madeleine Albright: Hillary’s Greatest Accomplishment at State Was to ‘Restore America’s Reputation’

Penny Starr | October 2, 2015 | 1:18pm EDT
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Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (AP Photo)

( – Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said on Thursday that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is now a candidate seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, restored America’s reputation around the world as the nation’s top diplomat.

“One of the major things [Hillary Clinton] did as Secretary of State was to restore America’s reputation,” Albright said.


James Fallows, writer with The Atlantic, asked Albright at the Washington Ideas Forum in Washington, D.C., how U.S. foreign policy would differ from the last eight years if Clinton were elected president and what did Albright thought about “the email situation?”

“I know her very well and admire her, and I think that she would be the best prepared to be president of anybody that we’ve had in a very, very long time,” Albright said.

Albright said Clinton was able to exercise what Albright considered the proper connection between domestic and foreign policy while repairing the United State’s reputation around the world.

“I think she is able to link that domestic and foreign policy given her own experiences, and one of the major things she did as Secretary of State was to restore America’s reputation,” Albright said. “You can’t militarize democracy, and you can’t invade countries for no reason, and so I think she really would be amazing.”

Albright said Clinton apologizing for using a personal email server to send classified information was sufficient. Albright expressed gratitude that during her time in office in the Clinton administration she didn’t use email.

“I think that she has said that she made a mistake on the emails – she has apologized for it,” Albright said, “and I think that I am very lucky, because I went to college sometime between the invention of the iPad and the discovery of fire, and I didn’t use email.”

According to People Magazine, Albright does use email now, including exchanging notes with Hillary Clinton while the latter was secretary of State.

The magazine reported on Wednesday that Albright corresponded with Clinton last summer.

“In a rare effusive email from Clinton, the Secretary of State showed a softer side in an email exchange with predecessor Madeleine Albright,” People reported. “Clinton sent an email to Albright in July of 2011 concerning her ‘great mtg’ with the Turkish PNB chapter.

“Thank you for your leadership and your friendship which mean the world to me! Happy Summer—H,” Hillary wrote.

Albright responded later that day with a similarly warm message: "Welcome home and look forward to catching," she wrote in part. "Our friendship is unique. Love Madeleine."

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