Pew: 6% Percent of Atheists and Agnostics Pray Every Day

Terence P. Jeffrey | October 9, 2012 | 11:10pm EDT
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President Barack Obama observes a moment of silence at an event at Fort Myers, Fla., on July 20, 2012. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

( - A survey by the Pew Research Center discovered that 2.4 percent of Americans say they are atheists and 3.3 percent say they are agnostic.

Among the atheists and agnostics, however, 6 percent said they pray daily.

Another 11 percent of the atheists and agnostics concede that they pray only weekly or monthly.

"About eight-in-ten atheists and agnostics seldom or never pray (82 percent)," said Pew in its analysis of its survey.

The same survey showed that 58 percent of the American general public pray daily, while 21 percent pray weekly or monthly and 19 percent pray seldom or never.

Among Christians, 72 percent of Protestants pray daily, 18 percent pray weekly or monthly, and 9 percent pray seldom or never. Fifty-eight percent of Catholics pray daily, according to the survey, while 30 percent pray weekly or monthly, and 11 percent pray seldom or never.

The survey interviewed 2,973 American adults and was conducted June 28 to July 9.

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