Rep. Bachmann: Obama’s ‘Redistribution of Wealth’ Goal Reached by Forcing People to Buy Health Insurance

By Nicholas Ballasy | March 30, 2010 | 5:11pm EDT
( - Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) told in an exclusive interview that President Barack Obama will achieve his “objective of redistribution of wealth” through the new health care law, which requires all Americans to purchase health insurance or face a financial penalty. 
Bachmann added, however, that this mandate is unconstitutional and presents a strong means by which to challenge the law in court and possibly repeal it in Congress. To date, 14 state attorneys general have filed lawsuits against the federal government, challenging the mandate.
“I believe that we're going to see challenges at every level,” Rep. Bachmann told at her Capitol Hill office.

“I know that the attorney general in Virginia is basing his claim on the individual mandate, and I think that there is merit in this claim,” she said, “because never before in the history of our country has the federal government forced an American to do something pro-actively, forcing an American -- as a mandate of citizenship -- to purchase a product or service against their will.

"And again, this is a government-mandated product and government essentially will set the price on that product.”
Bachmann further said that the individual mandate (on persons and businesses to carry health insurance) is the “grounds” for the “redistribution of wealth.”
“There’s no way out,” she said. “The American people will be forced to purchase it. This is the grounds for redistribution of wealth. This is how President Obama will achieve his objective of redistribution of wealth.

"When you force an American as a condition of citizenship to purchase a product or service against their will and the federal government essentially sets the price for that product, then there's no freedom left for the individual.”
“It is a different matter when a state makes a mandate -- the federal government is limited,” said Bachmann. “The federal government, Article 1, Section 8, has limited enumerated powers. The federal government is without power to force an American citizen to purchase a product or service against their will. So yes, I do believe there's strong grounds for the unconstitutionality of this individual mandate in Obamacare.”

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