Rep. Grayson on Sequester: 'The Wailing Will Begin'

By Fred Lucas | March 25, 2013 | 11:58am EDT

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) (AP Photo)

( – Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) demanded the end of sequestration, alleging it would lead to a “work until you die” society.

"It will cause pain,” Grayson said Thursday after delivering a petition to House Speaker John Boehner’s office. “It will cause economic dislocation and then, the wailing will begin. The wailing will begin.

Grayson delivered a petition to Boehner’s office with 300,000 names gathered by an online effort from liberal groups, the Other 98%, and Social Security Works.

“Then they’ll say OK instead of the sequester that is causing all this pain, let’s cut Social

Security, let’s cut Medicare, then let’s cut Medicaid,” Grayson continued. “This is the first step down a slippery slope towards you work until you die. That’s why this has to be fought so vigorously. Washington does not normally see 300,000 speak as one.”

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Sequestration was the automatic 2.3 percent reduction in the growth of federal spending that took effect on March 1 as a result of Congress and President Barack Obama being unable to reach a deal. The sequester is a result of the 2011 debt ceiling negotiations and was meant to be a trigger to force the two sides to reach a deal.

Many dire economic predictions of the fallout from the sequester – such as mass layoffs – did suddenly happen. By contrast, the Dow Jones Industrial Average soared and a Gallup poll found greater economic confidence post sequester.

Grayson is a co-sponsor of the Cancel the Sequester Act along with Democratic Reps. John Conyers of Michigan, Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas, and Frederica Wilson of Florida.

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