Rev. Jackson: Some 'Anti-American People' Arming Themselves in U.S. Have 'Confederate Ideology'

By Jon Street | February 6, 2013 | 4:37pm EST

Rev. Jesse JAckson. (AP)

( – The Rev. Jesse Jackson said recently that there are "anti-American people" who are now arming themselves in the United State who have "a confederate ideology."

At the 16th Annual Rainbow/Operation Push Wall Street Economic Summit held in New York on Jan. 30, Jackson told Wall Street Journal reporter Lee Hawkins: “These weapons- we're not talking about guns for your house and guns for hunting- these military weapons can blow up infrastructure.”

“I went out to the guy’s house, who killed the people at Aurora (Colo.). It was right near the airport runway,” Jackson said. “He could blow up airplanes with that stuff. Are we waiting for that?”

Jackson added: “That's like the next step for these anti-American people who say we were really arming to stop the government from taking--they're fighting the government--this is a confederate ideology. This is like serious stuff with power to do something about how they feel.”

Jackson, a long-time civil-rights activist, former Democratic presidential candidate and Baptist minister, was speaking in the broader context of the national debate on gun control.

The controversial debate was manifested following several mass shootings in the U.S., including one that occurred at an Aurora, Colo. movie theater in which 12 people were killed and 58 more were injured.

According to the Website, the Wall Street Project “challenges corporate America to end the multi-billion dollar trade deficit with minority vendors and consumers and works to assure equal opportunity for diverse employees, entrepreneurs, and consumers.”

The summit was founded by Rev. Jackson in 1996.

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