Bin Laden Papers: 'Homosexual Marriages and Infant Butchery' Are Reasons to Kill 'Drunkard, Sinful' Americans

Susan Jones | May 22, 2015 | 6:22am EDT
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Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is seen in Afghanistan in April 1998. (AP Photo)

( - Among the papers found in Osama bin Laden's compound is a 15-page document that urges bomb-makers to join al Qaeda to kill "drunkard, sinful" American voters who permit "alien satanic practices" such as same-sex marriage and abortion.

Written by Abu-Salih Al Somali, a senior al Qaeda operative, the attempt to recruit explosives experts and other Muslim scientists explains who they will be killing:

"It is the VOTERS, who choose their leaders who deploy their armies against Muslims, and pay billions of (their produced tax money) to Israel to massacre our brothers and sister(s). It is the voters who vote on laws against the purity and chastity of Hijab and  Minarets, While they are the ones who vote in favor of human alien satanic practices such as homosexual marriages and infant butchery in the wombs of their selfish heartless prostitute mothers.

"The voters are the ones, who demanded America's pullout from Vietnam, and they are the ones who pulled out their Spanish troops from Afghanistan and they are the ones who turned the evil Tony Blair into a lame duck and ended his ten-year carrier of arrogance and American subordination with disgrace!!

"The American and European citizens are the switch to shut down this heartless damned Zio-crusade machine of Evil and greed..."

The document, titled Terror Franchise: The Unstoppable Assassin, explains that "the whole WORLD now has become a BATTLE FIELD":

Muslim fighters have "answered Allah's call to terrify His enemies...and with Allah's help and assistance began the effort of producing death and fear in the drunkard hearts of American voters, so it may be a shocking awakener for their brains drugged by Alcohol and sexually driven media, to wake up and smell not the coffee but the blood -- OUR BLOOD -- but from now on -- mixed with THEIRS!!"

The paper tells prospective bomb-makers, "YOU CAN easily, safely and anonymously engrave your name in history by assisting us with the KNOWLIDGE (sic) and KNow-HOW of how to counter Islam's enemies' technology -- especially (Laser-guided weapons), and how to be able to make death, in its explosions form -- especially (the Oxidizer part of it) and toxicants in an easy, practical and improvised way anywhere on earth."   

The paper defines the mission of the "Global Mujahideen" as killing "a few tens, or hundreds or thousands of the infidel citizens of America" and its Western allies -- "in their HOMELANDS and wherever they are sited on any spot on the planet until they FEAR participating in or supporting any actions against Islam and the Muslims as they FEAR DEATH ITSELF!!!

"The VOTERS in America and its ally countries should know that their lives and the lives of their loved ones are going to be the price paid for the evil actions of those who they VOTE FOR (against us and our loved ones)!!.

Abu-Salih Al Somali complains that the "coward swine" hide behind B-52 bombers and remotely operated spy planes and can only be killed "by blows directly to the head."

In December 2009, Abu-Salih Al Somali reportedly was killed by a U.S. drone strike in Pakistan.

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