FBI: Clinton Brought Personal Mobile Devices Into Area Where They Are Prohibited

By Susan Jones | September 6, 2016 | 9:59am EDT
(AP File Photo)

(CNSNews.com) - Hillary Clinton "primarily used her personal Blackberry or personal iPad for checking emails," and even though she wasn't allowed to bring those devices into secure areas at the State Department -- she did.

According to the FBI report released to the public on Sept. 2, "State Diplomatic Security Service (DS) instructed Clinton that because her office was in a SCIF (a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility), the use of mobile devices in her office was prohibited."

But FBI interviews with three former DS agents "revealed Clinton stored her personal BlackBerry in a desk drawer in DS 'Post 1,' which was located within the SCIF on Mahogany Row."

The seventh floor of the State Department, where the Secretary's office is located, is called "Mahogany Row." DS Post 1 is located directly outside Clinton's office, says a footnote in the FBI report.

According to the FBI, State Department personnel "were not authorized to bring their mobile devices into Post 1, as it was located within the SCIF."

A DS official told the FBI "he never received any complaints" about the boss using her personal BlackBerry inside the SCIF.

According to Clinton's top aide Huma Abedin, Clinton "often" visited the State Department's eighth floor balcony to read emails on her mobile devices. In fact, the FBI says Clinton did not have a computer in her State Department office at all.

In her interview with the FBI, Clinton told them she asked for a secure BlackBerry after hearing that President Obama had one, "but she could not recall the reasons why State was unable to fulfill this request."

The FBI, referring to a State Department Inspector-General report, says top State Department aides discussed with other State Department officials "alternative solutions which would allow Clinton to check email from her desk. Setting up an Internet-connected stand-alone computer was discussed as a viable solution; however, a stand-alone system was never set up."

The excerpt from the FBI report, page 12, is excerpted here:



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