Fiorina Laments, No Questions on the Economy

By Susan Jones | August 7, 2015 | 11:36am EDT
Carly Fiorina was one of 7 Republicans taking part in the first, early debate in Cleveland on Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015. (AP Photo)

( - "It was interesting, I really didn't get asked a lot of questions -- any questions -- on the economy," Carly Fiorina said on Friday, the morning after appearing on the debate stage in Cleveland with six other Republicans.

"I sort of threw my point of view on the economy in at one point. But I wish we'd had more time to talk about that," she told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Friday.

Host Joe Scarborough obliged her: "What do we do about this economy?"

"Three things," Fiorina responded. "One. We have to know what the engine of economic growth is. You know what it is? Small businesses, new businesses, family-owned businesses."

Fiorina said she started her career in a small real estate firm, while her husband Frank started out driving a tow-truck at a family-owned body shop.

"The truth is, most people start out the way we did. Small businesses create two-thirds of the new jobs, they employ half the people. We are crushing them. So when we crush small business, we are now destroying more than we're creating for the first time in U.S. history. We're crushing opportunity."

How are we crushing small businesses? Scarborough asked her.

"Oh, the weight of a 75,000-page tax code -- regulations that just keep pouring out of this government," she responded, moving on to her second point:

"Point two: crony capitalism is alive and well. And guess what, the bigger government gets, the more crony capitalism succeeds. There are only certain kinds of people who can make it when government becomes so big, so costly, so powerful. Guess who they are? The big, the wealthy, the well-connected, the powerful. The small, the powerless, are getting crushed.

"And finally, we need to understand in the 21st Century, we've got to compete for every job, because any job, any money, any person can go anywhere. We're not competing for jobs any more. We have the highest tax rates in the world -- that's insanity. We have a regulatory environment that is crushing.

Fiorina pointed to the recent EPA regulations, the Clean Power Plan, which will force coal-fired power plants out of business and increase the price of energy. Energy is important, she said, "if you're trying to compete globally for jobs.

"One more little fact...if you look at the states where liberal policies have been in place for the longest -- California just as an example -- liberals have been in charge for a long time. Guess what? 120-plus billionaires, good for them. The highest poverty rates in the nation. The exodus; the crushing of the middle class; the destruction of industry after industry after industry---

"You know what you just described? My home state of Connecticut," Scarborough said.

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