Israeli Ambassador to U.S.: 'Those ICBMs Are for You'

By Susan Jones | July 15, 2015 | 4:55am EDT
A military exhibition displays a Shahab-3 missile under a picture of Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in Tehran, in 2008. The range of the missile threatens Israel as well as U.S. forces in the Gulf. (AP Photo/Hasan Sarbakhshian, File)

( - Ron Dermer, the Israeli ambassador to the United States, says the Obama administration has agreed to a deal that gives Iran both a "legal nuclear program" and the money to develop a delivery system -- intercontinental ballistic missiles.

And since Israel is on the same side of the world as Iran, "those ICBMs are for you," Dermer told Fox News's Megyn Kelly Tuesday night.

"I think you have given up everything," Dermer said. "Yesterday Iran had an illegal nuclear program and was facing a head wind of sanctions. This deal gives them a legal nuclear program and gives them a tail wind of sanctions relief that they're going to use to continue their march of conquest and terrorism throughout the Middle Syria, in Lebanon, in Gaza, in Yemen.

"And during this deal, Iran will be able to continue to do research and development on advanced centrifuges and to develop their intercontinental ballistic missiles:
"Those ICBMs are for you," Dermer said.

"And after these ten years are up, these constraints, which are only temporary, the major ones will be removed. And Iran will be given basically a path to a nuclear weapon. And all of our neighbors know that. That is why Israel and the Arabs see eye to eye on this."

Dermer refuted the Obama administration's argument that there were no constraints on Iran's nuclear program before the deal:

"There was a huge sanctions regime against them," he said. "Massive constraints." Dermer also rejected the administration's argument that those sanctions were unravelling.

"It wasn't falling apart. If the administration wants it to fall apart, it will fall apart. Don't forget, the administration was against a lot of these sanctions to begin with. They tried to prevent the Senate from passing sanctions a few years ago. The sanctions regime was working. It had worked only for 18 months. You haven't had sanctions on Iran for a decade."

"For 18 months, Iran...was desperate to come to the negotiating table. And instead of actually dismantling their nuclear program, which is what everyone said two years ago -- we'll dismantle the sanctions regime when they dismantle their program -- what you are doing is dismantling the sanctions regime and leaving their program essentially intact."

Dermer said the international sanctions were imposed because Europe, Russia and China considered Iran to be a credible military threat: "They were more concerned about a military confrontation with Iran than in nuclear armed Iran...The second reason is that you have a unilateral arrow in your quiver to enforce multi-lateral sanctions. It's your banking system. America is over 50 percent of the capital flows in global finance. Iran accounts for about one-tenth-of-one percent of those flaws. So, which German bank exactly is going to do business with Iran rather than do business with the United States?"

Dermer said the Israeli people stand united against the Iran nuclear deal:

"The prime minister of Israel met with the head of the opposition tonight. They both see eye to eye in this deal. And Israel and its Arab neighbors, that happens about once a century when we see eye to eye on something." He was talking about Saudi Arabia.

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