Kerry Admonishes the World on Ebola Crisis: 'We Need People to Step Up Now!'

By Susan Jones | October 8, 2014 | 12:12pm EDT

Secretary of State John Kerry speaks at the State Department in Washington. (AP File Photo)

( - Secretary of State John Kerry said on Wednesday that "more countries can and must" contribute both money and manpower to contain the Ebola crisis in West Africa.

"And we need people to step up now! Now is the time for action, not words. And frankly, there is not a moment to waste in this effort."

Kerry, speaking at the State Department shortly after a Liberian man died of Ebola in Texas -- despite the best efforts of a U.S. hospital to save him -- said there will be no travel ban:

"We need airlines to continue to operate in West Africa; and we need borders to remain open; and we need to strengthen the Medivac capacity.

"We need countries to contribute more Ebola treatment centers. And we need other African countries with the capacity to send responders to join the effort, and we need to make sure that the health care workers who go are properly trained, properly equipped, and supported in order to prevent additional infections."

Kerry displayed various charts and graphs to show who has contributed what to the effort.

"And the fact is that the United Kingdom and the United States between them have contributed $120 million to the United Nations response. There are smaller countries that have stepped up to the plate, some quite remarkably. Some smaller countries are contributing way above their per-capita population compared to other countries.

"But the fact is, more countries can and must step up in order to make their contributions felt. And this chart tells the story. Those are not enough countries to make the difference to be able to deal with this crisis. And we need more nations -- every nation has an ability to do something on this challenge."

Kerry pointed to another chart, showing a shortfall of $300 million. The United Nations has identified $1 billion in urgent needs. The World Bank has put in 22 percent, the USA  has put in 11 percent, the private sector, 10 percent... but this unfunded (amount) is a critical component of our ability to be able to meet this challenge.

"And we need people step up now..."

Kerry is in Washington on Wednesday, but on Thursday -- with all that's going on in the world -- he will travel to Boston to "discuss the global threat of climate change and the importance of investing in a clean energy future," the State Department announced.

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