NRA Challenges Obama to a Debate: 'No Pre-Screened Questions and No Gas-Bag Answers'

By Susan Jones | January 14, 2016 | 11:51am EST
Wayne LaPierre is the executive vice president and CEO of the National Rifle Association. (AP File Photo)

( - As part of its fight against President Obama's "aggressive overreach" on guns, the National Rifle Association is challenging the president to a debate on national television.

"I’ll meet you for a one-on-one, one-hour debate, with a mutually agreed-upon moderator, on any network that will take it," Wayne LaPierre, the NRA's executive vice president and CEO, said in a video posted on the group's website.

"No pre-screened questions and no gas-bag answers. Americans will judge for themselves who they trust and believe on this issue: you or the NRA.

"Let’s see if you’re game for a fair debate," he added. "It’s your chance to show the American people you’re not afraid to meet the NRA on neutral ground."

In his recent town hall on guns, hosted by CNN's Anderson Cooper, President Obama criticized the NRA for not joining the conversation: "And by the way, there's a reason why the NRA is not here," Obama told Cooper. "They're just down the street. And since this is the main reason they exist, you'd think they'd be prepared to have a debate with...a president."

The NRA said it refused to take part in CNN's town hall because it was offered only one pre-screened question.

LaPierre, in the 8-minute video, lays out the NRA's case against the president, accusing Obama of intimidating law-abiding gun owners by issuing "vague" executive actions in defiance of the Constitution:

"The president unilaterally decreed that any lawful citizens who sells, trades or gifts even just one firearm might be vulnerable to arrest or charged with a felony," he said.

"It's only a matter of time before he makes an example out of someone," LaPierre warned.

"Let me be clear. The NRA will fight this illegal overreach more aggressively than we have ever fought anything. But it will take time. And while millions of peaceful, law-abiding gun owners tiptoe in fear of their government, the killers who terrorize our cities, prey upon the innocent with no fear of repercussion whatsoever. Through a deliberate lack of prosecution, President Obama has made America a sanctuary nation for felons, criminal gang bangers, drug dealers, repeat offenders and illegal aliens."

LaPierre said if Obama really wanted to make American safer, he would instruct his Justice Department to "flip Chicago upside down" and jail the gun criminals.

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