Obama Mocks Republicans, Then Asks for Their Help

By Susan Jones | July 31, 2014 | 6:12am EDT

Obama is snapped by a cellphone as he greets people in Kansas City, Mo., on Wednesday, July 30, 2014. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

(CNSNews.com) - As President Barack Obama accuses Republicans of wasting taxpayer money on a lawsuit against him, Obama himself is traveling all over the country at taxpayer expense, eating barbecue, raising money, and indulging his inner celebrity before adoring crowds.

"We love you! We love you!" the people shouted in Kansas City on Wednesday. "Thank you," Obama replied, as he launched into a partisan speech, criticizing Republicans for blocking his liberal "opportunity agenda" and listing all the things he's done on his own:

"So some of the things we're doing without Congress are making a difference, but we could do so much more if Congress would just come on and help out a little bit, Obama said.

"Just come on. Come on and help out a little bit. Stop being mad all the time. (Applause.) Stop just hating all the time. Come on. (Applause.) Let's get some work done together," said the president who has shown no inclination to negotiate with Congress, even when he's in Washington.

Obama noted that Congress recently passed a bipartisan workforce training act. "They came, we had a bill signing, and they were all in their suits. I said, doesn't this feel good? (Laughter.) We're doing something. It's like, useful. Nobody is shouting at each other. (Laughter.) It was really nice. I said, let's do this again. Let's do it more often.

"I know they're not that happy that I'm president, but that's okay. (Laughter.) Come on. I've only got a couple of years left. Come on, let's get some work done. Then you can be mad at the next President.

"Look, we've got just today and tomorrow until Congress leaves town for a month. And we've still got some serious work to do. We've still got a chance to -- we got to put people to work rebuilding roads and bridges. And the Highway Trust Fund is running out of money; we got to get that done. We've got to get some resources to fight wildfires out West. That's a serious situation. We need more resources to deal with the situation in the southern part of the border with some of those kids. We got to be able to deal with that in a proper way. (Applause.)

"So there's a bunch of stuff that needs to get done. Unfortunately, I think the main vote -- correct me if I'm wrong here, Congressman -- the main vote that they've scheduled for today is whether or not they decide to sue me for doing my job."

(The audience booed.)

"No, no, no," Obama said: "First of all, here's something I always say -- do not boo, vote. Booing doesn't help. Voting helps.

"But think about this -- they have announced that they're going to sue me for taking executive actions to help people. So they're mad because I'm doing my job. And, by the way, I've told them -- I said, I'd be happy to do it with you. So the only reason I'm doing it on my own is because you don't do anything. (Applause.) But if you want, let's work together.

I mean, everybody recognizes this is a political stunt, but it's worse than that, because every vote they're taking like that means a vote they're not taking to actually help you. When they have taken 50 votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act, that was time that could have been spent working constructively to help you on some things. (Applause.) And, by the way, you know who is paying for this suit they're going to file? You.

House Speaker John Boehner says President Obama has overstepped his constitutional authority by failing to carry out laws as passed by Congress.

The House on Wednesday voted 225-201 for a resolution authorizing a lawsuit against the president on constitutional grounds. Five Republicans joined all Democrats in voting against the resolution: Thomas Massie (Ky.), Walter Jones (N.C.), Paul Broun (Ga.), Steve Stockman (Texas) and Scott Garrett (N.J.).

“It’s about defending the Constitution that we swore an oath to uphold,” Boehner told his colleagues. “Are you willing to let any president decide what laws to execute and what laws to change?”

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