Schock: Gruber 'Full of Nonsense,' But 'Shame' Is on Democrats for Passing Obamacare

Susan Jones | November 14, 2014 | 10:36am EST
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Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) (Facebook)

( - It's "emblematic of the nanny state" for liberals such as Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber to tell the "stupid" American people what kind of health care to buy, what kind of food to eat, and what kind of schools their children should attend, Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.)  told Fox News on Friday.

Although Gruber is "full of nonsense," don't blame him, Schock said:

"I think first of all, that the shame should be put on the legislators. I mean, this was legislative malpractice on the part of Democrats who ran the House and the Senate at the time. They are the ones who refused to read the bill, they are the ones who refused to have hearings to find out what was in the bill, they are the ones who refused to let the American people find out what was in it before they passed it. And so they are the ones who are really at fault."

Schock noted that half of the current House members weren't even around when Obamacare passed. That's because lawmakers who supported the law lost their elections.

In the next Congress, Republicans will first push for repeal, he said:

"On a policy level, what we're going to do, very simply is, there will be a repeal bill in the House, there will be a repeal bill in the Senate, and members will have the opportunity to vote on that. There's some speculation on whether the Senate will get to 60 votes and whether the president will veto it or not...but then at that point, if he does not sign a repeal, and if repeal doesn't happen, we'll put forward bills that have passed the House last year, overwhelmingly -- bills that say let  people buy health care that fits their family needs, that fits the businesses' needs, that aren't what the HHS secretary says you have to buy."

Schock said he's confident that such a bill, if it comes up for a vote in the Senate, will have overwhelming support from Republicans and from "some of the more conservative Democrats."

"Let the president veto a law that simply says Americans should be able to buy the health care they want -- not the health care government says they have to buy."

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