Trump on Trade Deals: I'd Say, 'Carl, Congratulations, Handle China'...'Good Luck, Here's Japan'

By Susan Jones | August 4, 2015 | 8:54am EDT
Donald Trump attends the Women's British Open golf championship on the Turnberry golf course in Turnberry, Scotland, Saturday, Aug. 01, 2015. (AP Photo/Scott Heppell)

( - Donald Trump, asked to offer one policy to make America great again, said a conversation on that topic could go on for hours.  (Anyone who's heard Trump can believe it.)

Appearing on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Tuesday morning, Trump singled out "the wealth of the country" as his primary focus.

"We're a debtor nation, we owe $18 trillion, going up to $21, $22 trillion very rapidly now. You watch what happens, because Obamacare's going to start kicking in. That's a disaster for the country in many ways. A disaster for the people and a disaster for the balance sheet, so to speak.

"But we have to negotiate great trade deals," Trump continued. "I would get the best guys -- Carl Icahn is a friend of mine. I'd say, 'Carl, congratulations, handle China.' I'd get other guys like Carl. I'd say, 'Good luck, here's Japan.'

"Believe me, we will do so well. We will make so much.

"I was in Los Angeles two weeks ago, I'd see ships coming in from Japan -- millions and millions of cars coming in from Japan, all the time, constantly. And we give them -- what do we give them? We give them beef, and they don't want it. They fight, you know, they picket when we send them our beef, they don't want it. And it's just so imbalanced and so unfair.

"And it comes in tax-free, no taxes, no nothing, instead of building cars in this country. And you have to negotiate.

I mean, who's our chief negotiator with Japan? Caroline Kennedy. She was shocked that she got the job. She said, I can't believe they made me the ambassador to Japan.

"And she's dealing with a killer named Abe (Japan's prime minister), who really has done a great job, by the way, devaluing the hell out of the yen, out their currency.

"So I think, Mika, if you ask me, there are so many things. But we have to strengthen up the borders; we have to get rid of the executive orders, where everybody can just come in and enjoy your life. The nice thing about an executive order, the new president can come in and sign it away immediately. You don't have to worry about Congress..."

Trump did not join most of the other Republican presidential hopefuls at a forum in New Hampshire on Monday night, but he is expected to take part in the first official Republican debate in Cleveland on Thursday night.

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