Cruz: Pass Short-Term CR That Defunds Obama's Amnesty

Terence P. Jeffrey | December 3, 2014 | 11:46am EST
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Sen. Ted Cruz (AP Photo)

( Sen. Ted Cruz (R.-Texas) said today that Republicans in Congress should pass a short-term continuing resolution that defunds President Obama's unilateral amnesty for illegal aliens, and then use every constitutional means at their disposal to stop that amnesty.

This, Cruz said, would include blocking confirmation of President Obama's nominees to non-national-security-related Executive Branch positions.

The federal government is currently operating on a CR that expires on Dec. 11. Congress must pass a new CR to keep the government funded after that date. If Congress passes a CR that funds the entire federal government through the end of the fiscal year (Sept. 30, 2015), it will essentially strip the incoming Republican majority Congress (which will be seated in January) of its power of the purse.

A short-term CR would give the incoming Republican-majority Congress leverage over federal policy, including giving them the power to defund Obama's amnesty through all of this fiscal year.

“We should pass a short-term continuing resolution that includes language defunding the implementation of the president’s executive action on amnesty," Cruz said in a statement.

“This November's election was a referendum on executive amnesty, and the American people overwhelmingly oppose President Obama's illegal amnesty," Cruz said. "Republicans in Congress should use every tool at our disposal—our constitutional checks and balances—to stop President Obama's amnesty. The Senate should use its constitutional authority to halt confirmations for non-national security positions, until the President stops this illegal amnesty.  And both Houses should use the power of the purse, which the Framers understood to be the most potent tool Congress has to rein in an out-of-control Executive."

At a press conference yesterday, House Speaker John Boehner called Obama's unilateral amnesty a "serious breach of our Constitution" and a "serious threat to our system of government." However, Boehner did not say what the Republican-controlled House, which he leads, was going to do about it.
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