Live Action Delivers 'Damning' Report of Planned Parenthood Abuses to Congress

Zoey DiMauro | May 30, 2014 | 3:53pm EDT
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Lila Rose, president of Live Action. (Wikipedia)

( -- Members of Live Action ventured to Capitol Hill this week to personally deliver a "damning investigative report" of abuses they uncovered in Planned Parenthood (PP) clinics over the past six years to members of Congress.

The abuses ranged from alleged cover-ups of statutory rape and sex trafficking to blatant misrepresentation of PP’s services to the public, according to the report, entitled "Lies, Corruption, and Scandal."

“Its been six years of investigating the abortion industry and there’s a body of evidence Congress can act upon,” Lila Rose, president of the pro-life group, told

“Its a key time to ensure that all members have this information.”

After posing undercover in abortion clinics to expose the wrongs she believes are rampant throughout the industry, Rose says legislators should be made aware of the documented abuses her group uncovered at the country’s largest abortion provider.

Noting that there’s currently no bill in the works to defund Planned Parenthood, Rose told that it’s “up to the Hill to determine how they want to respond to the report. But the bottom line is taxpayer funds should not be going to the abortion industry,” she said.

"Its up to the legislature to make sure that they're not putting money towards an abusive and law-breaking abortion corporation,” she added.

PP received over $540 million in government grants in 2013, according to its latest annual report. Live Action points out that this amounts to "over $1.5 million a day in the form of taxpayer funds.

"Out of the pockets of taxpayers, and upon the broken bodies of pre-born children, Planned Parenthood has built an abortion empire masked in the moderate facade of a mainstream medical provider" despite numerous "legal and ethical violations," the report charged.

Live Action president Lila Rose goes undercover at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Live Action)

For example, in 2011 a Planned Parenthood director in New Jersey was fired after a Live Action video showed her encouraging an undercover actor posing as a pimp to get abortions for his illegal immigrant and underage prostitutes.

Another Live Action sting involved an actress posing as a 13- year-old girl who told a Planned Parenthood worker that she was having sex with her 31-year-old boyfriend, which constitutes statutory rape.

Instead of reporting the crime to the proper authorities, the PP employee asserts: “I didn’t hear the age. I don’t want to know the age.”

In another case, “a Planned Parenthood nurse in Bloomington, Indiana told our investigator how to lie about her abuser's age: ‘Just say you've seen him around; you know, he's 14; he's in your grade or whatever,’” the report said. “This same nurse advised our investigator to go out of state to circumvent Indiana's parental consent law.”

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards also falsely marketed her group on the Joy Behar Show as providing mammograms, the report said. But when Live Action called almost a dozen Planned Parenthood clinics to ask if they offer mammograms, all said no.

A video on the Planned Parenthood website created a year after Richard’s remarks corrected her statement, saying that they only provide referrals for mammograms.

“These cannot be dismissed as isolated incidents,” the report concluded. “These facilities’ behavior is part of a pattern – an institutional directive to seek out abortion, and the income it brings, at any cost.”

Rose says her group’s investigative work, along with other pro-life initiatives, has already had a huge impact.

“We’ve seen complete retraining of their entire 11,000 staff, state health departments and attorney generals and other local authorities investigate and in some cases put clinics on probation," she said. "We’ve seen at the state level taxpayer funding stopped from going to Planned Parenthood."

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