PP Worker ‘Fired’ For Promoting ‘Torture Sex’ to Teen Still On the Job

Zoey DiMauro | June 13, 2014 | 9:27am EDT
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Lila Rose, president of Live Action. (Wikipedia)

(CNSNews.com)--  After Live Action released an undercover video showing a Planned Parenthood (PP) employee in Indianapolis recommending porn, sex toys and sado-masochistic role-playing to an actress posing as a 15-year-old girl,  PP’s regional CEO announced the employee had been terminated for violating “professional standards”.

But when the pro-life group later called to confirm an appointment, Live Action said, the same worker was still on the job.

“They're kind of speaking out of several sides of their mouth,” Live Action president Lila Rose told CNSNews.com Thursday about what she called "the token firing".

“They're saying that this doesn’t reflect our program, but they won't say how. They're saying that the employee no longer works there, but they won’t say why. And on top of that, the employee does still work there, as we’ve verified today.”

The video in question, part of a series exposing what minors are told at PP clinics, showed an undercover actress going into the clinic posing as a 17-year-old girl asking for sex advice.

The actress said she had a 17-year-old boyfriend who wanted to role play. The clinic worker told her graphic, personal anecdotes about sado-masochistic sexual practices and gave her advice like: “You dress in like, all leather or something, with the whips and the handcuffs," telling her at one point that "it just depends what kind of pain you can take.”

The PP employee went on to encourage the supposed teen to find ways to act out her sexual fantasies by Googling them, and mentioned a free porn site by name for her and her boyfriend to try: “It’s just rows of whatever you want to watch.”

“Fifty Shades of Gray, have you read it?” the clinic worker also advised. “You need to read it.”

"While the heavy editing of this video makes it impossible to know the full exchange that took place, this video clearly does not reflect our professional standards or training protocols, and this staff member is no longer employed at PPINK," Betty Cockrum, president of Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, said in a written statement.

But Rose said this was just "step one of the Planned Parenthood damage control handbook."

“They announce terminating the employee for violating 'professional standards' but never specify what those standards are,” she pointed out. “Meanwhile, their BDSM training video remains online, and they continue to list ‘resources’ that tell kids that torture sex is totally fine.”

“Kids today are exposed to dangerous sexuality at a young age,” the Live Action video notes, specifically showing clips of children singing "sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me" from the Rihanna song S&MIt also shows footage of a PP- sponsored video explaining Bondage, Discipline/Domination, Submission/Sadism and Masochism (BDSM).

Besides in-clinic advice, PP provides sex education in some schools. Their website also provides information to sex educators, including “What Are Abstinence-Only Programs and Why Don’t They Work?” which PP claims “often provide inaccurate and alarmist misinformation about the effectiveness of condoms, contraception, and safer sex.”

“Planned Parenthood will receive through Obamacare $75 million more every year for ‘sex education,’" said Ariana Grossu, director of the Family Research Council’s (FRC) Center for Human Dignity, “Planned Parenthood is a business that thrives from hooking kids on sex, even if it takes advising pornography and violent sex acts.”

Live Action recommends that parents call school officials to prevent PP from imposing its “radical sexual ideology” on their children.

“You should call the local school board and say, ’Do you have a relationship with PP? Is the school inviting them to do so-called sex education for our teens? “Rose advised. “They're trying to be the wedge between young people and their parents to give them dangerous sex advice.”

In May, Live Action members were on Capitol Hill distributing to every congressional office a comprehensive list of abuses they uncovered in their six years of working to expose PP.

"Its up to the legislature to make sure that they're not putting money towards an abusive and law-breaking abortion corporation,” Rose told CNSNews.com.

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